Pesticide Training & Consulting
Ornamental & Turf Pest Problems
NY Category  Credits
                2               4.25                               3A              6.00          
                  3B              4.00                                6A              4.25
                  25               6.00                
      NJ Category Credits/Units
                   2                 10                                  3A               11
                  3B               09   
                  6B               12                                  8C               12
                   9                 06 
                  PP2             12 

           PA Category  Credits
                  PC               6
                  05                6
                  06                8
                  07                3
                  10                4
                  15                1
                  18               10
                  23               10

CT Credits will be given for this course

Ornamental & Turf Pest Problems

Invasive Insects 
Identification, Life Cycle, Control
Spotted Lanternfly, Ambrosia Beetle, Box Tree Moth, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

Boxwood Blight
Identification, Life Cycle, Damage, Control

Vegetative Management
Grass - mowing, Fertilization, Irrigation, Soil Analysis, Aeration, Overseeding
Weeds - Controls: Biological, Cultural, Manuel, Mechanical, Chemical
Guidelines for Herbicide Use - To Spray or Not to Spray,

Moles and Voles
Identification, Life Cycle, Damage & Control
Eastern, hairy Tailed and Star Nose Moles
Meadow and Pine Voles

Plant Health Care
Management Program: Site Analysis, Plant Selection, Soil and Irrigation,
Fertility, Pruning, Insect Pests
Tree/Turfgrass Associations: Competition Problems, Maintenance Conflicts, Solutions
Invasive Plants
Identification, Habitat, Biology, Ecological Threat, Management
Common Buckthorn, Chinese Silver Grass, Wild Parsnip, Garlic Mustard, Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed, Japanese Stiltgrass, Swallow-worts, Mugwort, Tree of Heaven,
Oriental Bittersweet, Multiflora Rose, Common Reed, Purple Loosestrife
How To Prevent Movement