Pesticide Training & Consulting

          NY Category     Credits
                  7A                 6.00          
                  7F                 6.00
                   8                  5.00             
        NJ Category   Credits/Units
                 7A                12           
                 7D                12  
                 8A                12                                                              

          PA Category  Credits

              11             10
                 15                 4
                 18                10
                 23                10

Structural and Food Pest Problems

Pest Birds in Buildings and Food Processing Areas
Regulations, Identification, Habitat, Damage, Life Cycle & IPM Control
Sparrows, Starlings Pigeons

Integrated Pest Management for Flies
Fly Biology - Life Stages
Fly Types - house fly, fruit fly, phorid fly, drain fly, stable fly
green bottle fly, cluster fly
Fly IPM - Survey, source reduction, biological control,
monitoring, decision making, treatments

Identification, Life Cycles & Control
American, Brownbanded, German, Oriental, Smokey Brown, Pennsylvania, Asian
IPM for Cockroaches - Damage - Inspection - Monitoring
Education - Habitat Modification

Identification, Life Cycles & Control
House Mouse, Deer mouse, Roof Rats, Norway Rats

Structural Ants
Facts, Identification & Control
Acrobat, Odorous, Pavement, Pharaoh, Citronella, Little Black and Thief