Pesticide Training & Consulting
            NY Category  Credits
                     Core         6.00

        NJ Category  Credits/Units
                  Core             8            
             PA Category  Credits
                     Core             6
Legal & Safety Issues
First Aid For Pesticide Poisoning
Poisoning on Skin, in Eyes, Inhaled, Shock, Preventing Pesticide
Accidents, Emergency Action

Protecting Water From Pesticides
Concerns; Water, Drift, Disposal 

Pesticides, Homeland Security & Safety
Misuses, Security - Storage, Transportation, Personal,
Disposal and Response

Safe Use of Pesticides
Proper Use, Personal Safety, Revised WPS and EPA Rules
 Pesticide Labels, Pesticide Updates

EPA Bee Label
What is it, What does it look like

Pesticides In The Environment
Concerns; Water Drift, Disposal

Pesticide Resistance
       Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide,  Types of Resistance, 
Mechanisms, Management

Pesticides and The Law
Responsibility and Liability, Correction and Prevention