Pesticide Training & Consulting
          NY Category  Credits
                   7A            4.00 
                   7C            2.00

NJ Category  Credits/Units
              7B               12 

PA Category  Credits
               12               10
                  18               10

CT will honor this class, and  credits will be given.

Termites & Other Wood - Destroying Organisms

Non Insect Wood Infesting Organisms
Identification, Biology, Control
Mold and Fungus

Insects That Do Not Reinfest Structural Woods
Identification, Biology & Control
Ambrosia Beetles, Bark Beetles, Timberworms
Round-headed and Flat-headed Wood Borers
Horntail or Woodwasps, Carpenterworm

Insects that Utilize Structural Wood for Nesting Sites
Identification, Biology & Control
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Bees

Powderpost Beetles and Other Wood Infesting Insects
Identification, Biology & Control
Anobiid Powder-Post Beetles
Lyctid Powder-Post Beetles
Bostrichid Powder-Post Beetles
Old House Borer
Common Furniture Beetle
Death Watch Beetle
Wood-boring Weevil

Subterranean Termites
Damage done by
Identification, Biology & Control
Eastern Subterranean, Formosan Subterranean

Termite Treatments
Control Tactics - Physical - Barriers, Cultural - Drain Systems,
Biological, Chemical - Wood Treatments, Barriers, Baiting

Drywood Termite
Damage done by
Identification, Biology & Control