Pesticide Training & Consulting
Ornamental & Turf Pest Problems
NY Category  Credits
                 2               2.50                            3A             6.00
                   3B              5.00   
                   6A              4.75
                    25              6.00   
      NJ Category Credits/Units
                   2                  12             
                  3A                12
                  3B                12
                  6B                12                                  8C                12
                  PP2              12

           PA Category  Credits

                    PC              6
                    05               4
                    06               8
                    07               1
                    16               4
                    18              10
                    22               3
                    23              10                                   


CT Credits will be given for this course

Ornamental & Turf Pest Problems

Invasive Insects 
Identification, Life Cycle, Control
Spotted Lanternfly, East Asian "Jewel" Beetle, Ambrosia Beetle, Box Tree Moth

Jumping Worms
Identification, Life Cycle, Control

Steps, Economic Factors, Factors Limiting Options, Management Tactics

Vegetative Management
Grass - mowing, Fertilization, Irrigation, Soil Analysis, Aeration, Overseeding
Weeds - Controls: Biological, Cultural, Manuel, Mechanical, Chemical
Guidelines for Herbicide Use - To Spray or Not to Spray,
Site Conditions, PPE, Application Equipment, Drift

Herbicides Mode of Action
What Mode of Action Involves; What They Are - Plant Growth Regulators,
Seedling Growth Inhibitors, Cell Membrane Disruptors,
Photosynthesis Inhibitors, Amino Acid Synthesis Inhibitors,
Pigment Inhibitors, Lipid Synthesis Inhibitors;
Herbicide Classification - Selectivity, Photosynthetic Inhibitors,
Cell Division, Cell Membranes, Growth Regulator Herbicides,
Growth Inhibition, Fatty Acid Synthesis, Fatty Acid Inhibitors,
Fatty Acid Synthesis Inhibitors;
Non-Classified Herbicides - Organic Arsenicals, Environmental Factors
Invasive Plants
What Is An Invasive Plant
Identification, Habitat, Biology, Ecological Threat Management
Canada Thistle, Spotted Knapweed, Garlic Mustard, Giant Hogweed, Japanese
Knotweed, Kudzu, Swallow-worts, Mile-A-Minute Weed, 
Multiflora Rose, Common Reed, Purple Loosestrife
How To Prevent Movement