Pesticide Training & Consulting
Ornamental & Turf Pest Problems
NY Category  Credits
                 2              1.25
                3A            6.00
                   3B             4.75 
                   6A             1.50 
                    25             3.00           

       NJ Category Credits/Units
                      2                12              
                      3A             12
                      3B             12
                      6B             03
                      8C             12
                      PP2           12

           PA Category  Credits
                    PC               6
                    05                5
                    06                8
                    07                2
                    10                5
                    16                3
                    18               10
                    23               10


CT Credits will be given for this course

Ornamental & Turf Pest Problems

Biological Pest Control In IPM
Identification, Life Cycle, Prey
Predators - Green Lacewings, Stethoconus japonicas, Deraeocoris nebulosus,
Bigeyed Bug, Syrphid Flies, Lady Beetles, Praying Mantis
Parasitoids - Braconid Wasps, Cerceris fumipennis, Eastern Eyed Click Beetle,
Spathius agrili, Tetrastichus planipennisi, Oobius agrili
Pathogens - Milky Spore, Endophytes
Animals - Goats

Types of Ticks
Biology, Behavior, Life Cycle, Diseases Associated With and Host
Blacklegged or "Deer" Tick, American Dog Tick, Lone Star Tick
Tick Associated Diseases - Lyme Disease, Human Babesiosis, Lyme Borreliosis in Domestic Animals
Personal Protection, Integrated Tick Management, Chemical Tick Control

Invasive Insects
Identification, Life Cycle, Control
Spotted Lanternfly, Emerald Ash Borer, European Crane Fly,
Southern Pine Beetle

Invasive Plants
What is an Invasive Plant
Identification, Habitat, Biology, Ecological Threat, Management
Canada Thistle, Spotted Knapweed, Garlic Mustard, Giant Hogweed,
Japanese Knotweed, Kudzu, Leafy Spurge, Mile-A-Minute Weed,
Multiflora Rose, Common Reed, Purple Loosestrife
How To Prevent Movement