Pesticide Training & Consulting
            CT Category  Credits
                  Core               6 
            NY Category  Credits
                     Core         6.00

        NJ Category  Credits/Units
                  Core              8           

             PA Category  Credits
                     Core             6
Legal & Safety Issues
Protecting Water From Pesticide Contamination
Hydrologic Cycle, Watershed, Groundwater, Water Contaminants, Pesticide
Fates, Soil Characteristics, Application Site Characteristics, Preventing
Water Contamination, Effects of Water pH on the Stability of Pesticides

Pesticides, Homeland Security and Safety
What is a Pesticide, Misuse of Pesticides, Improving Security -
Storage, Transportation, Personnel, Disposal, Response

The EPA and Neonicotinoids
What's New With The EPA, History - Imidacloprid, Clothianidin,
Thiamethoxam, Dinotefuran, - EPA Bee Advisory Labels,
Causes of Colony Collapse Disorder

Pesticides and the Law
Responsibility and Liability - Recognition, Correction and Prevention,
Routine Compliance - Monitoring - Accidental Release into the Environment,
Civil Liability - Application Precautions to Avert Liability - Environmental
Precautions to Avert Liability - Liability Insurance

Safe Use of Pesticides
Proper Use, Personal Safety, PPE, Transportation, Storage, Pesticides in
the Environment - Movement, Groundwater, Pesticide Labels - Use
lassifications, Misuse, Precautionary Statement, Disposal

Respiratory Protection
Hazards, Voluntary Use, Selection, Proper Wear, Fit Test, Maintenance

First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning
Poison on Skin, Chemical Burns, Poison in the Eyes, Inhaled Poisons,
Shock, Checklist for Preventing Pesticide Accidents, Emergency Action
Checklist, General Symptoms of Over Exposure, First Aid Treatment