Pesticide Training & Consulting
            CT Category  Credits
                  Core               6 
            NY Category  Credits
                     Core         6.00

        NJ Category  Credits/Units
                  Core             08           
                    13               02

             PA Category  Credits
                     Core             6
Legal & Safety Issues

Safe Use of Pesticides
Proper Use, Personal Safety, PPE, Transportation, Storage, Pesticides in
the Environment - Movement, Groundwater, Revised WPS and EPA Rules
 Pesticide Labels - Use Classifications, Misuse, Precautionary Statement, Disposal

Pesticide Safety
       Applicator Safety, Pesticide Poisoning, Symptoms, First Aid Procedures - Dermal, Inhalation, Eye, Oral,                             Safe Handling - Equipment, Mixing and Loading, Storage - Exterior, Interior, Educate Customers

School and Day Care Centers (Chapter 85)
Guidance for Pesticide Use, Fertilizer Law

Pesticides and the Law
Responsibility and Liability - Recognition, Correction and Prevention,
Routine Compliance - Monitoring - Accidental Release into the Environment,
Civil Liability - Application Precautions to Avert Liability - Environmental
Precautions to Avert Liability - Liability Insurance

Pesticides, Homeland Security and Safety
What is a Pesticide, Misuse of Pesticides, Improving Security - Storage, Transportation, Personnel, Disposal, Response

What is it - Types of - Factors Affecting Chemical Resistance - Areas to Protect - Maintaining PPE
Selecting PPE - Choosing Chemical Resistant Application Equipment

Preventing Heat Stress & Illness
What is Heat Stress - Weather and Work Conditions Leading to Heat Stress, Common Forms of Heat Illness,             Preventing Heat Stress - First Aid, Heat Stress Reduction Program