Pesticide Training & Consulting
            CT Category  Credits
                  Core               6 
            NY Category  Credits
                     Core         6.00

        NJ Category  Credits/Units
                  Core             11            

             PA Category  Credits
                     Core             6
Legal & Safety Issues
Paraquat Training
New regulations for using Paraquat

Protecting Water From Pesticide Contamination
Hydrologic Cycle, Watershed, Groundwater, Water Contaminants, Pesticide
Fates, Soil Characteristics, Application Site Characteristics, Preventing 
Water Contamination, Effects of Water pH on the Stability of Pesticides

Health Hazards Posed to Pesticide Applicators
Pesticide Exposure - What is Pesticide Poisoning - Precautions, PPE

Pesticide Safety
       Applicator Safety, Pesticide Poisoning, Symptoms, First Aid Procedures - Dermal,  Inhalation, Eye, Oral, Safe Handling  - Equipment, Mixing and Loading, Storage - Exterior, Interior, Educate Customers

Schools and Day Care Centers (Chapter 85)
Guidance for Pesticide Use, Fertilizer Law

Safe Use of Pesticides
Proper Use, Personal Safety, PPE, Transportation, Storage, Pesticides in 
the Environment - Movement, Groundwater, Revised WPS and EPA Rules
 Pesticide Labels, Pesticide Updates